My Story

A Fresh Start for a Dentist


My name is Steve Mace. When I arrived in Australia in 2007 – having graduated from Bristol University Dental School in the UK in 2004 – I thought that I would spend a few months working in Melbourne, then maybe try out Sydney, and then travel back home. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the country, get married, buy a house, become a citizen, and begin to raise a family in Australia.

After living and working in Melbourne for almost 7 years, and with an 18-month-old son, in 2014 my wife and I were ready for a change. Having worked in and run several different practices over the years, I wanted to create a practice I could really call my own, following my vision of how the business should look, feel and operate.

Since our opening in August 2014, we have been building something special that we are really proud of, in an area that urgently needed more dental care. Together with the exciting (though terrifying) journey of starting a completely new practice, we have also relaxed into a more enjoyable family life, leaving inner city Melbourne for a slightly more sensible pace, especially enjoying the wide open spaces in which to bring up our growing family.

When I started looking for a place to set up shop – it was clear that there was a huge gap in the provision of dental services in Tasmania. With the lowest dentist:patient ratio in the country, and large communities needing to drive many kilometres to reach the nearest dental care, this was somewhere that I could hopefully make a difference. And on a weekend away in September 2013, enjoying the incredible scenery and countryside, the decision was made to commit and make the move to Tassie. It was just a matter of finding the right location.