The Location

A Fresh Start for Deloraine

For many years, 33 Parsonage St had been known as The Deloraine Club, where locals have met for a quiet drink and a good time.  In 2013, with numbers using the club falling, the club was put on the market, and the opportunity arose for an ambitious young dentist to purchase the property, and begin the process of transforming the old building into a fully modernised, technologically advanced dental facility.

For this regeneration  to happen, there was an enormous amount of planning to work out if it would even be possible to create a dental practice from the existing structure.  With the partnership of Optima Healthcare Group, an experienced dental practice design and fit-out company, the project began to take shape on paper.  As things progressed, the cool rooms, the main bar and the billiard room were reimagined as a modern reception area, cutting-edge dental surgeries, and sterilisation rooms.

In completely restructuring the inside of the property, the exterior of the building has been maintained. Our photo gallery gives an overview of the whole process, from the slightly “vintage” stylings of the old Club, to the clean modern lines of Fresh Start Dental.