The Philosophy

A Fresh Approach

Dentistry is important to us – it is our life’s work – and we believe that good oral health should be important to everyone.  Dental treatment can achieve so much:

  • It can relieve pain, whether a long-term nagging irritation, an acute, excruciating toothache, or a swelling, dangerous abscess.
  • It can restore lost function; broken teeth can be repaired, missing teeth can be replaced.
  • It can improve appearance, from simple cleaning, to bleaching, veneers or a complete dental makeover.
  • It can create a beautiful smile, change a face, and improve self-confidence – poor dental health and appearance can greatly affect self-image, and social interactions.
  • It can improve your life expectancy!  Poor oral health, and particularly poor gum health, can lead to an increased risk of heart disease among other health effects.

We believe that everyone should be entitled to access dental treatment, whether they live in the CBD of Sydney, or in rural Tasmania.  For far too long, Tasmanians have been let down by a lack of dentists, particularly outside of Launceston and Hobart.  Indeed, Tasmania has the lowest number of dentists per 100,000 people of any Australian state or territory.

We would like to bring access to the full range of modern dental treatment options to a population who have had such limited opportunity in the past.  Everybody should be able to receive a complete examination of their mouth, a full assessment of any problems, and be provided with a summary of all possible treatment options.  This will allow patients to make a fully informed decision about how they wish to proceed with the care of their mouths, and take ownership of their own problems.

We understand that dentistry is expensive, and this is a barrier stopping far too many people from receiving the healthcare they so badly need.  We cannot change the fact that dental practices are expensive to run, but see the section Treatment Costs, Ways to Pay, Government Schemes to see how we are looking to bring dentistry within the grasp of everybody.