Your First Appointment

What To Expect

One of the biggest barriers to people visiting the dentist is fear of the unknown.  Hopefully the greater your understanding of what will happen when you visit Fresh Start Dental, the lower your anxiety…

Booking your appointment

Whether you book your appointment in person, over the phone, or on the internet, we will try to gather some basic information so that we can allocate the right appointment type and length for you. This will involve some personal details such as address and phone number, as well as a brief description of your dental problem (if there is one) and dental history.

Medical History

There are many ways in which your general health can affect your dental health, and vice versa. It is therefore extremely important that we have a full up-to-date record of your medical history with our new patient questionnaire. Important questions will include whether you have any chronic or acute illness or disease, any medications you take or have taken, any allergies, if you are pregnant (or trying to fall pregnant) or breastfeeding, and use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

People sometimes think that some of these questions are invasive, but the answers are important, and you should be thorough and honest in answering them. All medical details are held in strict confidentiality and your answers will only ever be used to ensure your safety and good health. You will need to fill out the questionnaire before your appointment. You can either arrive early at the practice before your scheduled time, or print off a copy of the questionnaire by clicking here.

Photos and X-rays

Here at Fresh Start Dental we want to ensure we offer you the best possible outcomes. A crucial part of this is a thorough diagnosis of any problems you may have. Part of this is looking for pathology, such as decay or gum disease, and part of this is looking for any cosmetic issues which could be fixed, such as missing, discoloured or crooked teeth.

X-rays are invaluable to detecting problems that can’t be seen superficially – for example, if you have cavities which are caused by tooth decay between the teeth, this can often only be found by taking X-rays. It is usually a good idea to take X-rays for most patients at their initial visit to find problems that may otherwise be invisible.

We are extremely proud to be one of very few dental practices in Tasmania with a state-of-the-art 3D cone beam X-ray machine. This has revolutionised the service we are able to offer patients, with on-the-spot diagnosis and treatment planning for complex implant cases and impacted tooth extractions. To read more about this technological wonder-machine, click here!

Often, we will take photographs at your first appointment, either of your smile, or close ups of the teeth, or both. Photos are useful for many reasons:

- they allow us to show you problems in close up that you otherwise not be able to see

- they allow us to communicate with dental specialists or the dental laboratory what the teeth look like. This is particularly important when we are aiming for the optimum cosmetic result with crowns, veneers, orthodontics, or implants.

- we need to assess your teeth over time, and check for any changes. For example, this can be very important when monitoring wear due to tooth grinding.

- they allow us to perform in-depth analysis and treatment planning when you aren’t physically at the practice (although we are talented, we can’t remember the exact appearance of every tooth in every mouth when you’re not there…)