Childrens Dentistry

A firm commitment to the oral health of children is at the very foundation of our values at Fresh Start Dental.  The old cliché “prevention is better than cure” has never been more true than when it comes to tooth decay and gum disease.  If children are taught good habits in terms of their attitude and access to sugar, and learn to develop good brushing habits from an early age, the virtually all dental problems are entirely preventable (though of course there’s not much you can do about them falling off the jumping castle and hitting their mouth…).

It is so important to check kids’ teeth at an early stage as they are developing to ensure that:

  • Cavities are not developing
  • Oral hygiene is adequate
  • The correct number of teeth are in the correct places
  • To try to make them feel comfortable and make sure that they don’t think the dental surgery is a scary place to visit
  • If there are any problems, they can be identified and rectified before too much harm is done.
  • Kids are educated about the importance of their teeth, and that looking after them can be fun!

The CHILDREN’S DENTAL BENEFIT SCHEME from Medicare gives a wonderful opportunity for kids from 2-17 years old to access up to $1,000 of dental benefits every 2 years.  You may already have been informed of your eligibility, but if you are unsure please contact the practice with your child’s Medicare number and we can check for you.  At Fresh Start Dental we will bulk bill all basic general dentistry for eligible children under this scheme.  Orthodontics and cosmetic treatment would not be included, and extensive complex work may exceed the $1,000 limit but you would always be informed of any out-of-pocket expenses that will be incurred.

However, we believe that access to dental care should be open to ALL children, not just to those eligible for government benefits.  To assist parents with the never-ending expenses of bringing up children, we are happy to offer children’s examination appointments at half price to bring down the barrier of cost preventing so many kids from accessing proper dental care.  Further fees and treatment required will always be discussed before proceeding.