Teeth Whitening Special Offers


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In-chair whitening, with a supervised application of high-strength whitening gel.  Additionally includes take-home whitening trays and whitening gel to “top-up” the whitening effect as necessary.  As with all patients at Fresh Start Dental, we are happy to top up your whitening, for free, for life…



For this minimal initial fee, we offer lifelong take-home bleaching for all patients, old or new, for no additional cost.  THAT’S FOR LIFE!  All you need to do is attend your examination and hygiene appointments, follow ALL of our advice, and we will top-up your tooth whitening every year, forever.  Please remember that tooth whitening is not appropriate for everyone – if you have broken teeth, active decay or very sensitive teeth this will need to be fixed before we can whiten your teeth.



We all want whiter teeth.  The colour of teeth is affected by your genetics, your diet, your habits (especially smoking), your oral hygiene and how regularly you have a dental hygiene appointment.  However, the good news is that for the vast majority of people, tooth whitening is a safe, easy and affordable treatment to change the underlying shade of your teeth. Whitening your teeth essentially works by the whitening agent (hydrogen peroxide) oxidising and breaking down the staining agents that have worked their way into your enamel over the years.  While there is a maximum whiteness that each person can achieve, it is extremely unusual for an adult to fail to see improvement in shade through our whitening program.


In-chair whitening  - this is the fastest, easiest route to whiter teeth, where a high concentration gel is applied to your teeth, rinsed, and reapplied 2-3 times during a supervised treatment session at the dental clinic.  This method provides faster results because it uses a high concentration of whitening gel that legally must be supervised by an oral health professional.  Because this requires constant attention throughout the 60-90 minute treatment it is also the more expensive way of whitening your teeth, and by far the easiest for those who are time-poor.  Whenever we use in-chair whitening, we will provide you trays to take home completely free of charge to complete your treatment and top up the whitening effect months or years down the track.

Take-home whitening - this is a method of whitening using a lower concentration of gel which is safe to use at home without supervision.  Correspondingly, results will take longer, but with consistent use similar results to in-chair whitening can be achieved.  However, clearly far more effort from the patient is required to get these results.

Non-vital whitening - where teeth have lost nerve supply, either through root canal therapy or trauma, they have a tendency to discolour.  When one tooth is particularly dark compared to the rest of the smile, this tooth can be treated individually with high concentration hydrogen peroxide agents within the tooth.

If you have any questions or queries regarding tooth whitening please contact the practice on 6362 2959, or book online via the link at the top of the page.


* Terms and Conditions   1.  Tooth whitening will not be undertaken at the first appointment for new patients - it is usually necessary to see both the dentist and hygienist prior to undergoing whitening treatment. Radiographs will usually be required for new patients. Current Fresh Start Dental patients who have recently attended for examination and cleaning may be eligible to book in directly for whitening. 2. Tooth whitening is not 100% guaranteed – while almost all natural teeth will whiten with application of hydrogen peroxide, results are variable. 3. Fillings, implants, dentures, crowns, caps and bridges will not change colour with the whitening process  – where these are present in the mouth additional costs may be incurred in replacing existing restorations to match the new, whitened colour of the teeth. 4. Whitening can not be undertaken where there are large fractures of the teeth or decay is present.  Often reparative treatment is required before whitening can be undertaken and this will incur additional costs. 5. Treatment plans can only be formulated after full consultation with a dentist and our hygiene department and we do not guarantee that all treatment described is available for all patients.  Where addtional costs are incurred these will be discussed before treatment is undertaken.  Where whitening is not appropriate this will be discussed in full. 6. Top-ups limited to 4 syringes of whitening agent per year (average use 2-3 syringes per year). 7. Appointments must be booked before 31st December 2018.